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Learning as a Critical Component of Business Strategy

Welcome to December Folks!

In my last post, I advised that organisations need to shift their view of learning from expense to investment perspective.

Generally speaking, it would be unfair to put all the blame on #business leaders for not viewing training as an investment. This is partly owing to the inability of L&D practitioners to demonstrate to their leaders the impact of L&D to the business bottom-line.

Likewise, leaders must also take the responsibility of growing and developing their people – their most important stakeholders.

#Humanresources professionals must understand better how to show the #management the correlation between learning and performance. Is there a connection between the total knowledge base of an organisation and the total performance, the results and outcomes that the organisation is able to generate within a period of time?


It is therefore imperative that organisations should begin to consider learning as a strategic business tool, instead of seeing it as a piece of content or mere gathering in classroom.

Learning must be seen as a critical component of business #strategy and your strategy is incomplete until you have factored in the learning requirements that would bring the strategy to life.

Learning is what equips employees with the capacity to translate strategy into informed action and targeted action is what leads to the desired results.

When this understanding is settled in the organisational set up, then you should begin to talk about how you will show the management the contribution of learning to the growth and profitability of the business.

This is where the conversation around measuring training effectiveness and being able to determine its Return on Investment begin to take shape.

This activity is what I call Impact and ROI Assessment. In my next post, I will discuss the IROIA – Impact and ROI Assessment.

I hope this helps. I trust your week is fruiting already.

Author: Sola Oyegbade, Performance, Learning and Development Expert.

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